Anahi Mariotti - Portfolio

About Anahi Mariotti

I was born in Recanati in 1986 but I have lived and worked practically all my life in Rome.

I have part of my roots in Argentina and Marche.

I earned a master's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, following the last year abroad in Spain.

I learned the art of microsculpture, goldsmithing and use it in my installations and a line of artistic jewelry.

I have a studio in the Certosa neighborhood in Rome.

I am an activist of the Casa delle donne Lucha y Siesta. I am a queer person.

I have tended to art for as long as I can remember.

I have worked at the studio of several artists, including Enzo Orti, Marco Tirelli and Pietro Ruffo.

My research is based on several axes: relationship, the body, memory, feminism, and territory.

I use every artistic medium to generate thought and have a predilection for site-specific work and relational art.

In recent years, my other occupation in countering gender violence has led me to study the dynamics of power and oppression; now it is time to use art to deconstruct them. Researching my body has led me to relate to other experiences of resistant bodies.

The narrative of lives, the connection between lived experiences, the voice of collective bodies.

I explore territories and research their memory.

I have participated in awards and artistic residencies and still have a desire to travel, to make, to revolutionize.