Anahi Mariotti - Portfolio
Genoa 2023

Magnolia. 24h nella Genova di mia madre - Magnolia. 24h in my mother's Genoa

Cured by Roberta Melasecca as part of BeDesignWeek

Performance of 24h through the streets of Genoa under the guidance of my mother's voice: stairs, carrugi, ships, boarding schools, gardens, told by the voice of an 80-year-old woman who lived there when she was a child.

A cardiac holter records the heartbeat during the 24 hours spent walking the streets of the city. The places visited are those of my mother's stories, the houses where she lived, the gardens where she went to play with her siblings, the boarding school, until she saw Genoa again from the porthole of the ship leaving for South America.

The notebooks bear images of the physical places encountered during the performance and images constructed from memory. Time planes intertwine with each other: the time of remembrance, the time of the performance, the time of the heartbeat.

A magnolia tree is at the center of the installation, representing the meeting point between these paths; it is the symbolic and physical space from which the journey and remembrance starts.

A novel way of traversing urban space, exploring the body and opening spaces of memory.


Performance. Installation. Audio. Drawing. Photography. Ink on paper. Cardiac Holter chart.

Magnolia. 24h in my mother's Genoa

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