Anahi Mariotti - Works - 21
Sculpture and sound installation


Sermoneta 2020 - Festival del Tempo - Artistic Residency

A participatory, sculptural and sound installation, "21" in the Municipal Washhouse, a cherished and important place for the city: 21 life-size bronze micro-sculptures of bees, made with the lost wax technique, placed on the edges of the washhouse and a buzz of female voices with their related stories. The project originates from the structure of the washhouse consisting of three tanks that refer to the three stages of life - childhood, adulthood, old age - and the concept of domestic work. Bees and women linked by an unbreakable thread, a 21-day thread: 21 days is the cycle of a bee to become an adult, and 21 days are on average the days between one menstrual cycle and another in a fertile woman. The fate of the visibility of labor, harmony, and the telling of time come together in 21. 21 the voices of the tales of the past that the women of Sermoneta confided to the artist, 21 the voices of today and our future.



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